Canoe Poling Equipment


Aluminum poles:

The vast majority of polers in New England use 12' aluminum poles made by Ed Hayden.
Ed passed away in December 2010. His family is continuing the tradition, making poles the way Ed did.
In addition to the 12' aluminum poles, there is also a 2-piece collapsable aluminum pole, easily shippable through UPS in 2 mated 6' sections.

The Hayden family is selling these poles, along with other accessories at their website: Hayden CanoePole Company.

Traditional poles:

Traditional poles are made out of wood. They tend to be heavier than the metal poles, but they are warmer in cold weather. They are also less noisy.

Don Merchant in Limerick, Maine makes hard-carved 10' and 12' poles from white spruce. He sells these along with other traditional canoe equipment at his website Pole and Paddle.


Ed Hayden designed two boats specifically for poling: the Coho and the Souhegan. They are manufactured by Millbrook Boats in Richmond, NH.
Check them out at the bottom of the Tandom Open Canoe page on the Millbrook website.

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