Day 3: poling up the South Branch Dead River. 26 May 2011.

Chip and Lani cooked us a big breakfast of potatoes, eggs, bacon, and porridge.

Bob and Doug get ready for the commute across the river for breakfast.

Cedar tree across the river.

Wood anenome (Anemone quinquefolia).

Then we got in the boats and started poling up the South Branch.


The current was somewhat unrelenting in places, and we took a break here.

Then we continued upstream.




This was the biggest drop of the day.

Sean on the big drop.

Looking up the narrower part of the drop, river right.

Chip on the big drop.

Chip, Sean, and Byron went up to the next corner. Lani and I chatted til they got back.

Heading back downstream.

We stopped for lunch back at the campsite with the whole group then we all headed back downstream to the cars.

The Bigelow Range forms the backdrop. The two highest peaks are The Horns.

Gathering on the shore of the lake, out of the wind.



At the take-out.

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