Day 2: poling up Nash Stream. 25 May 2011.

Our tent in the woods.

Chip and Lani cooked us a hearty breakfast of pancakes and oatmeal.

Canoes still piled up for the night.

Then we poled up Nash Stream. Here Chip took a moment to fish at the confluence of the Nash with the South Dead.

Before too long, we hit a giant strainer. Chip did some pruning and we went under on the far side.

The strainer from upstream.

The Nash is a pretty little stream.

There was a neat set of inclusions in the rock across the stream from the site of our first break.


Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara).

Some of us continued on up the stream for awhile over a series of drops. Over the course of the day, we gained 150 vertical feet on the river; that's quite a bit of elevation.



Where we stopped for lunch.

The top drop of the day.

Then we headed downstream. It was a lot quicker going down...

Back at camp, it was hot and the parasol came out.

Byron helped Chip saw up a bunch of firewood.

Doug went fishing. There was a hatch of midges, but not much was biting.

After dinner, a little bat came flying around. Here it's on the rock across the river, in the upper right, blending in with the rock tripe. I had my camera set up on the cooler with rocks to aim the lens and keep it steady.

Closeup of bat, from previous photo.

The bat took off and flew right towards the camera. You can see both the bat flying and its shadow!

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