Day 1: poling up the South Branch Dead River to campsite. 24 May 2011.

Unloading boats at the boat launch off route 27 north of Stratton, ME.

And we're off!

The Bigelow Range is behind us.

As we got out of the lake and onto the river proper, we switched to poling.

The first drop of the day.



Sean and Bob.

A couple miles upstream we stopped and set up camp at a nice rocky beach.

A few people set up tents across the river.

When I went up the slope to look for potential tent sites, I flushed a mother mallard. She was sitting on a nest with 10 eggs.


Boats stacked up for the night (at least for those of us who camped on this side of the river).

Cedar roots.

Looking back at camp from the cliffy area.

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