Blackledge and Salmon Rivers (Marlborough / Colchester, CT — 27 March 2010)

Gauge at E. Hampton: 460 cfs, 3.8 feet. This was a good poling level, a bit pushy in places.

I guarded the boats during the shuttle and took photos.

And we're off!

We stopped for lunch a little earlier than normal, which turned out especially well since our usual sandbar was mostly underwater.

First big rapids of the day (just below the confluence w/ the Jeremy). We spent a while here going up and down.

The big drop.

Chris hanging out below the rapids.

The second rapids, where we also stopped to play.

Various sidestreams tumbled into the river.

Sean poled up all but the last bit of the old dam. We all portaged around it going down today.

Sean on the second attempt.

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Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: Mar 2010