Blackledge and Salmon Rivers. (Marlborough / Colchester, CT -- 28 March 2009.)

From Old Hartford Rd, Marlborough, CT to River Rd, East Hampton, CT. E Hampton gauge at 146 cfs.

At the putin on the Blackledge.

Some of us went a short ways upriver while others ran shuttle.

The first strainer of the day.

This wee strainer was easy to duck under and too green to break off.

Lunch sandbar at the confluence of the Blackledge and Jeremy Rivers. That's a lot of red boats.

The first rapids on the Salmon.

Somewhere further on.

Sean poled up the site of the old dam. Unfortunately, the photos here give little indication of how big the drop is, but note where Tommy is in the first pic and the fisherman in the second relative to Sean.


Better views of the drop.

Additional photos: by Tommy Taylor.

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Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
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