New England Regional Poling Races. Farmington River (Punch Brook Rapids). Unionville, CT. 29 April 2017.

The Unionville gauge was at 660 cfs.

At the racecourse, canoes ready for racing.

Chip gets warmed up.

Chip lines up at the starting line for the first race of the day.

Ready, Set, ... Lani and Fred did the bulk of the timing today.


Chip heads upstream on his wildwater race.

Scott is off on his wildwater run.

Scott comes in for the final stretch to the finish.

Nelson on wildwater.

Mena on wildwater. [Photos by Tommy Taylor]

After a short break, we head into the slalom races.

Scott at the first circle buoy.

Scott at the eddy turn.

Mena at the eddy turn. Scott is replacing the buoy which had fallen off. [Photo by Tommy Taylor]

Upstream reversal.

Circle buoy.


Chatting while we watch the races.

Scott on slalom, second run.

Chip cleaned up the buoys from the racecourse.

Tommy poles up.

Nelson and boat.


Today's four racers: Nelson, Chip, Scott, and Mena. [Photo by Lani Love]

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Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
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