New England Canoe Poling Championships. Kenduskeag Stream. Bangor, ME. 27 April 2013.

Kenduskeag Stream gauge at 260 cfs.
This was a good level. More rocks to contend with than last year.

Chip started setting up the Wildwater and Slalom courses.

One of the locals came out to watch the races and brought this craft, which Chip tried out for poling.

The biggest drop near the bottom of the Open Wildwater course.

And we're ready to race!

The upper part of the race course.

Chip on Open Wildwater.

Spectators, racers, and timers.

Scott on Open Wildwater.

Mena and Lani raced Open Wildwater.

Then the four racers all ran two runs each of the Open Slalom course.

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Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: Apr 2013