2010 New England Regional Poling Races. Farminton River. Unionville, CT. 8 May 2010

It poured in the morning with thunderstorms driving out, so we got a later start on the races.
Unionville gauge started out around 375 cfs and rose to 400 cfs. There were some rocks hidden just below the surface that made slalom a little trickier.

Photos of the races: Wildwater and Slalom.

There's quite a bit of preparation that occurs before the races can start.

Tarps for the rain...

People get out warming up and checking out the water level.

Harry composes the race course. He, Sean, and Nelson set up the buoys.

This buoy was especially difficult to set up.

Let the races begin!

Photos of the races: Wildwater and Slalom.

Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: May 2010