New England Regional Canoe Poling Championship (16 May 2009)

This year's races were held on the Ashuelot River in Ashuelot, NH.
The river gauge in Hinsdale, NH went from 600 to 585 cfs during the day.

Boats and people start appearing.

Scott and Chip are out placing buoys to set up the racecourse.

Janet and Ann make sure all the racers have registered.

Ed makes sure the timers have a comfortable place to sit.

Looking across the river at race headquarters where the official race timers and spectators will spend the day.

Sean heads upstream in his Open Wildwater run.

Eric (from Pittsburg, PA) on his Intermediate Wildwater run.

Chip does the eddy turn on his first Open Slalom run.

Sean gets into position for his first slalom run, while Ann looks on.

Harry during his second Open Slalom run.

View upstream.

Sean during his second Open Slalom run.

The river bottom was grabby, and we jammed a lot of poles today. Here Sean's pole gets stuck briefly.

Sean and Steve play the role of safety.

Harry, on one of the Master's races.

Scott and Bella.

Janet and Ann time a race.

Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: May 2009