South Branch Piscataquog River. New Boston, NH. 15 April 2017.

7.8 mi downstream run from Lyndeborough Rd to Parker Rd.

The South Branch PCat gauge (at Howe Bridge) was at 400 cfs.

A great poling level for this upper section. Enough water to be fluid, with lots of maneuvering around and between rocks.

We meet at the route 13 bridge just outside of town. Looking upstream at the rapids from the bridge.

Old bridge abutments just upstream from the putin.

Poling above the putin. [photo by Tommy]

Eddy turn. [photo by Tommy]

Tommy poles up past the old bridge abutments.

Tommy and Kath poling above the putin.

And then we're off downstream...

Kath and Jean.

Downstream, in a mixed group.

The rapids start.

Poling downstream.

Tommy and Kath.

Between the boulders.

We portage around the old dam.

Nice place for lunch.

Rapids above the route 13 bridge.

Tommy poles 'em.

Marshall snubs.

And we head into town.

Poling thru town! [photo by Tommy]

Marshall poles one of the drops in town.


More rapids. [photo by Jonathan]

Polers stopped in the middle of the river.

Kath poles the S-turn at Gregg Mill Rd.

Today's group of polers and paddlers accumulated in the big eddy below Gregg Mill Rd: Tommy, Jonathan, Marcy, Marshall, Pam, Gwen, Dick, Jean, Paul. Kath was just downstream in the next eddy.

And the Middle Branch comes in.

Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: Apr 2017