2014 National Canoe Poling Championships. Carrabasset River under the Wire Bridge. New Portland, Maine. 24 May 2014.

The Carrabassett River gauge near North Anson started out at 980 cfs and dropped a little over the course of the day to 950 cfs.
This was a really good level for all the races.



Eric and Nelson.



There was an exciting race going on today in the Intermediate class. After the Wildwater race, it was Steve, Mike, and Matt in the top three spots, all within about a second of each other.
Now for the slalom runs...

Eric, Intermediate slalom.

Matt, getting ready for his first Intermediate slalom run.

And he's off, heading for the first buoy, a reversal.

Matt at the top of the Intermediate course.


Steve, on his first Intermediate slalom run, in the circle buoys.

Steve goes up the slot.

Andy lines up for the slot in his first Intermediate slalom run.

Andy at the top of the Intermediate course.

Scott and Bella.

Mike, starting his first Intermediate slalom run.

Mike starts the circle buoys.

Mike at the top of the Intermediate course.

Mike grins despite swimming on the first eddy turn.

At least the boat will be clean now.

Today's racecourse.

Steve is in the lead after everyone has completed the first run.

Eric starts his second Intermediate slalom run.

A rain shower passed through earlier today during Open Slalom. Now another rain shower approaches for Intermediate Slalom.

Matt, on his second Intermediate Slalom run.

Matt heads for the eddy turn.

That run put Matt in the top slalom spot.

Steve took his second run next, and topped Matt's time. So he's back in the lead.

Ariel did some poling today too, but she didn't race.

Another boat rescue. A few people swam today during the slalom races.

After Intermediate Slalom, it was Steve, Matt, and Mike in the top three spots.

Chip, Masters slalom.

Nelson gets ready for Masters slalom.

Nelson in the circle buoys.

Nelson, eddy turn.

Chip takes home the gold in all four races (Open Wildwater, Open Slalom, Masters Wildwater, Masters Slalom), plus all the silver trophy cups.

The Ed Hayden Poling Cup for the overall Intermediate champion is a travelling trophy. Mena, last year's winner, passes it on to Steve, this year's winner.

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Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: May 2014