2013 National Canoe Poling Championships. West Branch Westfield River, Huntington, MA. 25 May 2013.

It had been raining for several days, and the race location was moved in the morning from the Westfield to the West Branch due to high water.
The West Branch Huntington gauge rose to 600 cfs then fell to 520 cfs during the course of the day.

Chip, Wildwater.

Harry, Wildwater.

Nelson, Wildwater.

Scott, after finishing Wildwater.

Sean, Wildwater.


On the upper portion of the race course, a turbulent little stream came tumbling out of a culvert, over some rocks,

and into the river.

Nelson peers around the shrubbery to where Chip was doing his first Slalom run.

Chip, eddy turn.

Chip, ferry.

Chip, reversal buoy.

Scott heads for the circle buoy.

Sean dumps water from his boat. It was raining enough that the racers frequently dumped water out of their boats.
The waterfall in front is water coming down one of the drainage holes in the rte 112 bridge overhead.

Lani and Anne did a stellar job timing the races. Sean, Fred, and Todd all helped out too.

Conversations about the annoying reversal buoy. There were some rocks just under the surface that made manouevering there a bit tricky.

Harry, ferry.


Nelson, eddy turn.

Nelson, home stretch.

Sean, eddy turn.

Sean, circle buoy into upstream reversal.

Sean, home stretch.

The timers and spectators stood on the bank under the bridge. Racers when not on the river hung out there too. It rained all afternoon, so the shelter was very nice.

Mena, ferry to the upstream circle buoy.

Chip, circle buoy. You can just see the timers in the background.

This is the drop above the race course. We didn't go up here today.

Time for the trophies!

Mena with the Ed Hayden Poling Cup.

Harry with the Masters Lambert Poling Cup.

Chip with the National Wildwater Cup.

Chip with the National Slalom Poling Cup.

Scott presenting Chip with the Combined Century Poling Cup.

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Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
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