2010 National Poling Championships. Westfield River. Russell, MA. 29 May 2010.

Westfield River gauge in Westfield, MA started at 300 cfs and dropped to 290 cfs by the end of the day.

Matt racing Open Wildwater, while Harry looks on.

The water is pretty low.

Ann and Sean.

Sean on his Open Wildwater run.

Competitors watching the race.

Chip on Open Slalom.

The buoys not used, while Sean drains his boat.

Harry on Open Slalom.

Timers, spectators, and racers.

Sean on Open Slalom.

Chip gets ready to race on Open Slalom.

The next generation of polers?

Fred hitches a ride

to a nice filming location.

Sean on Open Slalom.

Lani gets ready for Women's Slalom.

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Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: May 2010