2007 National Canoe Poling Championships, Farmington River, Unionville, CT (2 June 2007)

Racing photographs (not every run got photographed).

Level - course: participants (listed in racing order)
Open - wildwater: Chip, Harry, Scott, Byron, Nelson, Sean, Chris
Intermediate - wildwater: John, Marshall, Fred,
Mena, Lani
Open - slalom:
Chip, Harry, Scott, Byron, Nelson, Sean, Chris (Note: digital photos are from the second heat)
Masters - slalom: Chip, Harry, Byron, Nelson
Intermediate - slalom: John, Marshall, Fred
Masters - wildwater: Chip, Harry, Byron, Nelson

Note: Scott, John, Chris, Harry, and Ed all appear in various
non-racing shots.

Lower portion of the racecourse.

Chip (Open wildwater)

Harry (Open wildwater)

Nelson (Open wildwater)

Sean (Open wildwater)

Chris (Open wildwater)

Mena (Intermediate wildwater) (Photos by Sean)

Lani (Intermediate wildwater) (Photos by Sean)

Chip (Open slalom)

Byron (Open slalom)

Sean (Open slalom)

Marshall (Intermediate slalom)

Fred (Intermediate slalom)

Non race photos.

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Photos by Mena Schmid, except where noted.
Last Modified: Jun 2007