Ashuelot River (Below Gilsum Gorge to Shaw's Corner. Gilsum / Surry, NH -- 25 April 2009)

Painted gauge at 3.0-3.2.

Water level was too low for paddling, but we found it perfect for poling.

Old stone bridge near Gilsum Gorge. Here be dragons.

Warming up at the putin. (OK, it was in 80s, we were plenty warm already.)

Tree obstacle.

Sean's boat tried to get away, but he climbed up on the rock for some extra elevation.

We turned around here and poled up this bit.

The S-turn rapids.

We poled up the S-turn rapids too.

Now, here we are at Shaw's Corner. This was the only place where the water was a little thin. Both Marshall and I got caught up on the rocks.

Now we come through.

Sean gives it a go poling up.

Photos and webpage by Mena Schmid.
Last Modified: Apr 2009